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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Shifty Time : Alberta's 2009 Racing Filly of The Year

In the Fall of 2008 my farm SNS Herefords and some co-owners decided to purchase two yearling theroughbreds from the Yearling Alberta Theroughbred Horse Sale. My family has raised many race horses in the past and decided to just get back into that year. But did they know that they were purchasing not just some average race horse. They had purchased a yearling filly that we named "Shifty Time" and a yearling colt that we named "Cat out of hell" at the sale paying four grand for both of them.

They both are really great race horses but the Filly astounded us all! We had named her Shifty Time because she had a shifty look about her, you could never tell what she was going to do next. Being a tall 16.3 she was a very beautiful horse. The most exotic thing about her was her one white eye you could say it gave her a kind of "crazy" look! We never were expecting anything big our first year back in the business but we were sure in for a surprise!

"Shifty's 1st workout at the Northlands Race Track in Edmonton"

Shifty's first race was a two year old stakes race the purse for the winner was $50 000. She came second by not much at all! Our trainer and my dad giving the jockey specific directions not to wear her out. So she came all the way from the back to stealing second in the last stretch of the race. We could'nt believe it, if he would have just gave her a little more time she would have won! We were in shock for we realized this filly could run. With $25 000 in the bank her first race we could not wait for her second!

So we entered her in another $50 000 stakes race that summer and sure enough, the little filly smoked them all! Coming from the back to winning by a good seven or eight lengths. This was when we realized she was a long distance runner the longer the race she could hold on better than other horses and beat them at the end. We entered her in two more stakes races that summer she won them both! This filly was like nothing we had seen before she was fiesty she was mean, and she was ready to run! Her specialtys were a mile or a mile and a third races. With a total of $250 000 of prize money her first year we were as happy as any race horse owners could be. To top it all off that year Shifty Time own Alberta's "Filly of the Year" award.

" These are just a couple of the trophys she has won"

That winter we sent Shifty away to Pheonix to exercise and get ahead of the game for her three year old year. We had been planning on running her in the "Canadian Derby" but due to a jockey switch and trainer problems we never got her there. Her three year old year was not as good as her two year old but still pretty good. We were aready extremely happy with Shifty Time and felt she had done one heck of a job already! She ran three thirds and two senconds all in stakes races. Our jockey was injured this year so it was a dramatic switch for Shifty. He knew exacty when to bring her or make her wait. But still she did a pretty damn good job! With more money in the bank her second year!

From being a $4000 dollar horse to winning all these big high end stakes races and winning Filly of the year we have had quite the time with Shifty. With her wild attitude and raging heart to run we can't wait for her four year old year. Sadly she has had some joint problems in one of her knee's and a foot injury but what can you expect the race horse bussiness is a risky one! With a good long rest at the farm here this winter and training in the Spring we can't wait to watch her race this Summer and Fall!

 Go Shifty Go!

Some Win Pictures of Shifty Time:

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