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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

It's a Family Affair

A farm or ranch usually consists of a family that owns or operates it. Our farm SNS Herefords is a little more family orientated than most. At one time my Grandpa, Grandma, their three sons and all us eight grand children were all apart of the farm. Over time some of us split apart forming their own ranch "YV Ranch". Still my grandparents and two of their sons run SNS Herefords with five of us grand children. We are still very close with YV for we raise alot of the same cattle, and live right by each other.

"The Nixdorff clan incuding the YV crew"

Having such a big family orientated farm has definitely made a big impact on my life. Team work is the main thing that has to be accomplished. Yes we do have our arguments and disagreements on how things are done but we always seem to find a solution that best works for the farm. Us being long time Hereford breeders our hard work and dedication to the breed has made us pretty well known in the industry.The unique thing about our farm is that everyone has their own specialty in what they do. My dad runs mostly the purebred herd, he is definitely the cattle man on the ranch. He could tell you everything and anything about every cow here. He mostly takes care of the cattle, and selling bulls and what not. Where as my other uncle is more of the mechanic type person he takes care of alot of the seeding and stuff that needs to be done in the harvest also helping out with the commercial herd. And then comes my good old Grandpa I can honestly say he is my all time hero. He is the funniest hard working person I have ever known. He is the boss around here at SNS Herefords thats for sure, anything he saids goes. He does both cattle and takes care of the harvesting stuff. Yes, he is an older guy but he works just as hard as my dad and uncle.

My Grandparents are the foundation of this farm. They are truly the best people I have ever known. They always steer the farm in the right direction, and spoil everyone of their grand children rotten. Attending every cattle show, horse show or function that their grand kids might be in, they are truly the best grand parents ever.

As a whole having such  a family orientated farm has taught me so many things. It's not just one person teaching you everyhting you learn different things from different people that are all trying to make the farm as successful as it can be. Some kids say they only see their cousins at least once or twice a year, I can honestly say I see mine almost everyday. There's always a lending hand when you need one because you know you will always have your family right along side you.

Cousins: Hal, Adam, Elise, Brady, Coleman, Chad, Sarah, Jenna

Our family has done some great things together all thanks to us sticking together and running this farm as a team. We all have gotten to go on vacations to the West coast and just recently Hawaii. Our familys are closer than ever and I truly do believe it is part of the reason we have been so successfull in this industry.

Us cousins in Maui, Hawaii this Past New Years

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