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Thursday, 30 June 2011

An Experience I will Remember

As many of you know I created this blog for Summer Synergy's marketing Competition. This being my last blog post for the competition I just wanted to say a few words on how much I enjoyed sharing this wonderful industry with you!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be continuing this blog and keep putting up new posts! The truth is I enjoyed every minute of writing new posts to share with you about me and my farm, conflicts, and just the agriculture industry it self! I am so happy I created this blog because it really showed me how much I really do love writing! In fact I liked it so much I hope to persue a career in writing after I am done High School. This blog was a major reason for that decision, for it really inspired me to get out there and write about new things to share with you!
I must say teaching people about the industry was never a dull moment! Not only was I teaching people about it, but I learnt so much more my self! I had to ask more questions and even pull out some really old photos! It was all such a n interesting experience that I am sure to never forget.

Not to mention I did not realize photography was so much fun. I was never really much of a photogrpher before this blog. But I wanted to get out there and take pictures to show all of you what farm life is really like. It was really fun, and I now know how to run a camera way better too! There is just so much to share out on the farm from the cows grazing in the field ot new born baby calves and horses it was really cool to show people stuff like that who never really do get to witness it on a daily basis.

I just wanted to Thank Summer Synergy so much for encouraging me to make this blog and share what life is really like Down on The Farm. It made me discover how much I enjoy writing and sharing the agriculture industry with new people. Thank you so much!!

I still have a lot more to share with everyone so continue to read my blog and you will get to see it all! I hope reading all my posts have been as much as an enjoyment to you as it has been for me writing them!

Thanks Everyone :)

Sarah Nixdorff

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