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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Advertisement in The Cattle Industry

Showing cattle is a simple way for us people in the cattle industry to advertise our cattle. As breeders we need a way to promote our farm and show people what it has to offer. Travelling to shows with selected cattle from your herd that are usually your best is a great way to do that. By doing this we can talk to new people from different places about our cattle and promote them. You never know where future buyers might be! Yes, it is fun winning ribbons, banners, and prize money but by showing you can get alot more than that out to it. A chance to show off your cattle, and make a name for your self and your farm.

"Cow Calf pair Champions at Agribition"

As purebred breeders in the Hereford industry we have found that showing our bulls or females have helped bring buyers out to the ranch. Even me and my sister showing in junior shows during the summer has made an impact on us selling our bulls. It's all about getting out there!

Yes, showing is a lot of work it's not all about just getting to the show but you have to halter break, feed, and maintain hair on show cattle. The preparation is unreal. It may take a lot of work but in the end it can be very benficial to your farm economically!

"Dad showing one of our bulls"


Showing your breed is very important. What ever breed of cattle you raise you want to make sure it maintains a good name for it self in the industry. For example we only show Herefords because thats what we raise and want to promote.

Even our 4-H steers, me and my siblings have never shown a 4-H steer with out a white face! They have been half red angus but you gotta promote the Herefords! Another thing with showing is if your like us and show animals from your own herd and breeding the success you have with them means so much more!

Some of our Hereford influence steers:

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