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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Here's a Commercial that you fellow Beef Producers might like!! Just Kidding!!

As I was watching one of my Favourite Television shows "Animal Planet" I came across this little commercial. On Animal Planet they often have cute little commercial clips about saving the planet and animals. This one I did not find so cute being a fellow beef producer.

So basically they are saying that "the more meat we eat the more cows we have producing green house gas emissions". The truth is cows versus the world green house gas emmissions does not even come close at all. In fact there is such drastic other things in the world producing green house gas emmsisions that we should be way more worried about than cows farting!

They are saying eat a more balanced diet with less meat. Which I don't agree with at all. Maybe it's just my inner beef producer really disliking this video, but I don't see why they would pin point this situation on cows of all things and actually make a commercial about it and air it on television when there is other things we should be way more worried about.

These are just some vegetarians or animal rights activists trying to make people stop eating beef, and this is there way of doing that saying that cows produce green house gas emmisions that could harm the world. I find these people very unknowledgable about the beef industry and it's affects on the environment. The ironic example that I have for this is that they are using a dairy cow ( which produces milk not beef) flying around farting than blaming the situation on beef cattle. This just shows they really don't have any idea what they are talking about.

I definitely think by airing this commercial animal planet you have definitely lost alot of respect from fellow farmers and ranchers who produce beef cattle as a living and depend on people eating the beef to make their living.

So you fellow Beef eaters keep on eating as much beef as you want, and don't let phony little commercials like this fool you!!

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