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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Agriculture Needs your Help to Keep it Clean!

Just yesterday I was having an enjoyable ride on my horse through the ditch by my house. I was having a pleasant time enjoying the sunshine and listening to the birds chirping. Except there was one thing that was making my ride less enjoyable, the amount of garbage and empty liquor bottles in the ditch. Instead of gazing at the wonderful country side I had to keep looking forward on the ground to make sure my horse did not step on any glass or dangerous items that may harm her.

There was only one question running through my mind as I was doing this. Are people really this lazy that they can not wait to throw their garbage in a garbage can or recycling, but instead they throw it onto the beautiful countryside. We only get one earth, therefore we only get one chance to take care of it. By drenching it in garbage we are definitely not doing a good job of taking care of it. How can people throw trash where they know animals are...... The countryside is beautiful, so lets keep it that way!

I just want to make people aware of this, and maybe they will think twice before they throw that empty pop can out the window of their vehicle. I know this was a huge eye opener to me. I am a huge fanatic of never throwing anything out where it does not beong. I love where I live and think it is beautiful, and to one day picture it covered in garbage is just an image that I hope I will never one day have to see. Mother earth on the most part is good to us, lets try and be as nice as we can to her!

When people litter they often don't realize that their not only hurting the earth, but livestock is a huge factor also. Baby calves are young and not as smart as older wiser cattle therefore they will eat just about anything and everything. It is also not a pretty sight seeing livestock or wild animals caught up or tangled in our trash. Things they will eat include: baler twine, plastic bags, straws, and even caps of some sort. I know this from a first hand expreience. We have had cows die and the vet has came and cut them open and he has found stuff exactly like this. So next time your littering think about the precious livestock that you may hurting. Ranchers work hard to keep their livestock alive, so lets help them out a little!

Another big eye opening experience for me is every Spring in 4-H we do highway clean up. Trying to keep our local highways as clean as possible. Since we can not do every highway in Alberta this leaves some highways needing some work. This is where you can come in and think before you litter.... the animals you are hurting, the earth, and the follow 4-Hers who put alot of hard work into keep our highways clean. Agriculture needs your help to keep it clean!

Helpful Tips to Help keep Littering to a minimum:
  1. Do not litter. In a safe manner, pick up any trash that others have left in the environment.
  2. Cut up plastic six-pack and milk bottle rings, and dispose of them in a closed trash bag. If the bag is not tightly sealed, the rings can still pose a threat to animals at the landfill.
  3. Pick up and properly dispose of loose fishing line, plastic bags, aluminum foil and cans, cigarette butts, fast food wrappers, straws, pop-can tabs, glass, metal, and anything else that seems unsafe for wildlife or simply does not belong in the environment.
  4. Take used motor oil and household hazardous wastes to the recycling center, or call your local disposal company to find out how to properly dispose of these substances.
  5. Keep your car tuned up so that it does not leak oil or emit pollutants into the air or rainwater.
  6. Avoid using fertilizers or pesticides. You could plant extra crops, or use organic fertilizers and pesticides. If you must use fertilizers or pesticides, carefully follow the usuage and storage instructions listed on the container.
By doing our part and not littering we can help make the earth a better place, not just for agriculture but the entire world. I dream of the day I can ride my horse through the ditch and not have to worry! Maybe one day this dream can really happen!

For information on the affect littering has on animals this website I thought was incredibly helpful! It's also where I got my helpful hints from.... Check it out!


  1. Very good Sarah! I've never understood litterbugs and have no tolerance for them either!

  2. Thankyou:) I hope this will spread awareness to those litter bugs!