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Sunday, 19 June 2011

More Than Just a Father

Behind mostly every farm kid theres a father that taught them everything they know. Fathers are more than just people who tuck you in bed at night and tell they love you. To us farm kids our dads our everything. They teach us everything from A-Z on the farm. They're truly an inspiration to us all . People say that you are the way you are because of your parents, and I beieve that theory 100%.

"Me and My Twin sister at The Calgary Bull Sale with dad"

My father means maybe more to me than some peoples fathers do because of the simple fact that he runs the farm and ranch goes through all the hell that it can bring, but still manages to raise three kids on his own. My mother and father are divorced and have been since I was five with all three of us kids living here he has  a lot more on his plate than normal fathers do. Sometimes I wonder how he even does it, but the fact that he does such a great job to is something no kid could ever ask for.

When I was young I was mostly definitely my fathers daughter, there was nothing I loved more to do than get up early and do chores with my dad. In fact I would beg him every night to make sure he took me bright and early to feed the cows. Anything and everything my father did in my eyes was golden. He was my inspiration to me there was no better person in this world than my dad. He taught me everything from how to judge cattle to how to ride my first horse.

"Me and my Sister when we were Baby's with our dad"

The love for Hereford cattle is definitey family orientated. Since I was very little my dad would tell me the great things about the breed and why we raise them. You are your family and you love what your family loves. Another special thing me and my dad share is our love for horses. He has taught me so much about them in fact I dont think I would be as good of rider as I am today if it was not for him. Before I got into English and jumping  I first only started out ranch riding. My dad bought me my first horse Blue who was a cow horse and anywhere he would go I would be following right behind him. We still love going for nice rides through the cows, and riding up in the mountains once in awhile. Racehorses is something else that me and my dad can talk about for hours. Since I'm the one helping him care for them in the winter months we spend a lot of time with these horses and they have become a big part of our life. It's always fun driving up to Edmonton during the summer months with the family to watch our race horses run.

"Me and my sister Sleeping in our Princess Dresses with our Dad"

My dad has been a huge help in 4-H, cattle shows, and horse shows. He's always helping us clip or halter break our animals to driving us to horse shows and riding lessons. He's always been very supportive in anything me and my sister and brother do. We would'nt be able to accomplish alot of the stuff we do if it were not for our dad guiding us through it. If it were not for him I would not have my horses or any of my animals that are a huge part of my life. From helping us pick out our 4-H steer to making sure we get to school on time our dad does it all.

My dad has a big impact on my life and veiw of agriculture. I would like to thank him for everything he has taught me and done for me. Dad you are truly the best and a one of a kind! Happy Fathers Day!


  1. Awe Sarah, awesome tribute! We'll have ta make sure your Dad gets to read it too ;)