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Friday, 13 May 2011

Some Frisky Little Spring Time Presents!

This little filly is no ordinary filly! She is purebred Thoroughbred. She was just born yesterday! Her mother and father were both successful race horses. Her mother is named Tirimisu after the dessert. She has ran in stakes, allowance, and claiming races. Stakes races are the best races a race horse can run in. The purse is ranging anywhere from $30 000 dollars to several million dollars. The Kentucky Derby is considered a high class stakes race. Allowance races are the middle class races that horses can run in with a purse ranging from $7500 to $10 000. Finally the claiming race is the lowest race with a purse ranging from $3000 to $7500.  A claiming race is a race where people can claim a horse before it runs, therefore after the race you are the full owner of the horse. No matter what happens during the race, and you must pay the complete price. 

Tirimisu has mostly ran in Edmonton and Calgary. She has won a total of $50 000 in her racing career and was born in Florida.  She is now a brude mare hoping to raise other successful race horses, and who knows maybe the next Derby winner? This is her first foal. She does not have a name yet. When she gets older she will be trained and sent to the Edmonton Northlands race track. 
Even though this little girl is young. She is very active and agile. That is all part of the thoroughbred breeding. These horses are extreme athletes and have a lot of energy inside of them. 

This little guy is a stud colt. He is about one week old! His mother is named Trieste's Song. She has ran in California, and Keenland Kentucky. She was also born in Kentucky. She has also won about $50 000 in her life career. She is now also a retired brude mare, and this is her first foal. She ran in all different kinds of races as well. 

Taking care of thoroughbred foals is very different than normal horses. They are like delicate little flowers. With their high strung attitude it is a risky job raising them. We have special equine fences set up just to ensure there safety, normal barbwire for these horses can be crucially fatal.

The Big Daddy Him self!

Picture 4.png

Both these foals are out of the same stallion. His name is St. Stephen and is owned by Bar None Ranches. St. Stephen was a very successful race horse in his day. He has won over $300 000. He set a track record at Gulfstream park going a 1 1/8 on the turf in 1.44. 3/5. He is a full brother to "Ashado" (twice champion and Breeder's cup Distaff winner). And "Sunriver" ( with a total winnings of $600 000). His full sister has also won $4 million dollars in her total career. 


To get great Thoroughbred foals you must breed to great race horses with high end blood lines. St. Stephen is a proven race horse! Hopefully his breeding will enable us to raise some Champion race horses!  


  1. So interesting! Thanks for the info on horse racing - I had no idea about the different types of races.

  2. No problem! Yes it really is quite interesting!

  3. I love the pictures! They are so cute!I think its crazy that a lot of these horses you see around the farm have raced in many different parts of the world!

  4. Thank you! Yes race horses tend to travel alot in their racing careers to numerous race tracks!