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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Saving Retired Race Horses!

People often think that once a race horse is done it's racing career, it no longer has any purpose. Because of this most ex-races horses are ex-ported to slaughter. What people don't know is that these athletic beautiful horses can have a future after they are done running on the track! I am one example of this... During the summer I purchased an ex-race horse from the Northlands race track in Edmonton.His name is Seas Current. He is a beautiful horse who is tall, athletic and very quiet! Perfect for a jumper! I soon sent him to the olds college program where he attended seven months of training. After that he was ready to go!  I just got him back and am thrilled!! He was originally purchased as a yearling for $250 000 . He won $55 000 in his racing career and is now retired and is a jumper for me. He is beautiful comformation wise and has some of the best theroughbred breeding out there! He loves to jump now!

If you are looking for a horse and don't want to pay an extreme price look for a race horse! Don't let the race part scare you some of these horse are unbelievably quiet! I know I have not regretted buy mine! And am excited for the future we have together!


  1. Wow thats amazing how mush money Sea Current cost, a quarter of a million dollars!

  2. yes it really is, just goes to show how much people will pay for a horse with good breeding!