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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Drink of Life to the Cattle Business!

When many people think of milk and cattle they tend to relate the subject to dairy cows. The truth is milk and a cows utter is also a very important aspect of the beef cattle business as well. Being a purebred breeder a cows utter is a very important subject when being placed in our purebred herd. It can determine wether or not the cow is culled (taken away from the herd) or stays to raise future purebred off spring. 

When looking at a beef cows utter important things are that they have a medium sized bag (not to big or small). Also the size of the tits, you want them to be small so that a calf can get a hold of them easier. Levelness is also an important key when looking at a cows utter. You want it to be level through out, meaning that one side is not bigger than the other. 
"An eleven year old cow on our ranch who still has a great utter, she has raised many successful bulls in our purebred herd"

Utter development is very important for it carries the richest nutrients of all that goes through a calfs body. Calves live off their mothers milk for around eight months until they are weaned. It has all the nutrients a calf needs to grow healthy and strong. Wether they are being sold on market to be raised as beef or becoming a breeding animal, health is a main key component. A cows milk and utter conformation can have a lot to do with that. 

When we are selling our purebred bulls all of our buyers always ask to see the mother of the bull they are purchasing. The first thing they look at on her is the utter. The mother cow determines what the bulls female offspring will look like therefore if the utter is good, than so will the bulls future females. The utter is truly a very important factor when it comes to beef cattle. 
"One of my older show cows and calf, enjoying a nice drink in the early spring time this is when the cows milk is extremely beneficial to the calf in its first few months"

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