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Thursday, 19 May 2011

History of your Steak : The Beef Industry than & Now

Today I was surfing youtube, this is something I do alot of in order to find information about alot of topics. I came across a really interesting video today. It gave a really unique informational back ground on what the beef industry was like back in the day, and what it is like now in a modern day feedlot. The extremely interesting part I thought was when they talked about how they mixed the rations for feedlot steers and have perfectly mixed feed to meet all the dietary needs of the animals. This video can really help people understand where there beef comes from and the producers that go to extremely far lengths to make the healthiest and best beef they can for us to eat! For people who don't have much background on what a feedlot is, this defintely will teach you alot of the basics. I know I sure learned alot from it even being a farm kid there is still things that you don't know about the industry. They also give a brief understanding of hormones and implants in beef cattle and I thought they made a very good therough point to the subject.

**Something that I really would like to highlight in this video is the last part when it is said that thanks to the evolution of the beef industry science, and technology and such that we have the exact same number of cows as we did in 1955 but consume twice as much human consumable protein, so if you want to talk about green and environmentally friendly it's todays farmers, ranchers and people in the beef industry that are leading the way.**

So give this video a watch, and I'm sure you will have a better understanding of where that sirloin steak is coming from next time your in a restaurant.

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