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Friday, 6 May 2011

Showing Town/City Kids the Industry!

On our farm "SNS Herefords" I bring many of my friends over to experience the industry of agriculture. I feel this shows other people what we do on farms/ranches and gives them an idea of where their food is produced. Many kids think that their food on their kitchen table comes right from the grocery store, that is where they are very wrong! I love showing kids all about the farm life and teaching them about agriculture!

Today I brought one of my best friends out! Her name is Jamie Campbell. She is from Beiseker, Alberta and was very scared of horses and cattle! But that changed all today! She didn't know very much about the industry and that also changed. I took her to see some of our 4-h animals and she now has a better understanding of that, and what that group does. I also taught her alot about the purebred and commercial business. How we raise cattle to sell to market and for breeding purposes. 
She also learned quite a bit about our farms history. I took her to see one of our most prized achievements "Generator 28x". He is one of our bulls who is deceased but left a legacy in the cattle industry. His head now hangs on my grand-parents wall in their house. We have sold semen from him to countries all over the world. He has made quite an impact on the cattle industry, especially the hereford industry. It was quite a special thing to share with her!

She also got to experience one of our new born fillys. Which she thought was quite exciting! She has never been that close to a new born and thought it was an amazing experience all together. I taught her a bit about breeding horses and which bloodlines are good. She now understands what you breed for in horses and a little bit about their conformation.

Now we will have a note from Jamie her self, telling us what she thought about the entire experience :
Hello, this is Jamie Campbell. Before I never really new much about the farm life and how much work it is. Sarah really showed me what its like to live on a farm and how much responsibility comes with it. I really hated horses before, but Sarah got me to pet one and now I have a different outlook. Same with the cattle. She taught me about their breeding operations and what people really do with cattle on their ranch. Overall, I learned a lot and really think this industry is something special. In the future, I will be excited to see Sarah promote her animals in shows and out on the farm.


  1. I think that is important to educate more urban people about agriculture and where their food comes from. Giving them a hands on experience not only gives them and understanding, but an appreciation as well. Nice job!

  2. That's really cool that she got a hands on experience. Sometimes the best way to explain agriculture and why we love doing what we do is by showing people. Hopefully your friend will help you spread your message.

  3. Thanks guys. Yes it is very great to show people what we do out on the farm!

  4. Good on you for inviting others to be a part of agriculture and learn more about where their food comes from!

  5. Thanks! I love doing it & feel it is very important!