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Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Power of the White Face!

There are many advantages of raising Hereford cattle they are both proven in the feedlot, range and show ring.  Herefords are ideal cattle to work with, with an easy temperment, and proven higher rate of gain than any other breed, why not raise hereford cattle? In todays cattle market it is shown that commercial calves being sold for beef with a percentage of hereford in them will bring a higher dollar. People often buy hereford bulls to breed to their cows exactly for this reason!
These cattle bring in the bucks, but don't consist of alot of work. Herefords are easy fleshing animals, definitely not hard to keep or feed. A little can go along ways with them. When it's -30 C in our Canadian winters these cattle are tough and can make it through, no problem. So for us cattle ranchers this saves alot of head aches!

For us purebred breeders calving in early January and those colder months is definitely no walk in the park. But these cattle definitely make it much easier. With extreme calving ease we barely have to use our maternity shoot or assist in any births. Even the heifers calve with extreme ease and make awsome mothers right off the bat! Even though Herefords are extremely docile animals they make great mothers! You also have that piece of mind that you can handle these cattle safely with out getting chased over the fence, every time you bring a calf into the barn which is always to a ranchers benefit!

As of for rate of gain, I have proven examples of how these cattle can gain more than any other breed. Me and my two siblings have been in 4-H for four years every year one of us have won rate of gain in our club and had one of the top heaviest steers at 4-H on parade. We are always in the heaviest weight classes. We have always taken either purebred or half Hereford animals and it sure has done us good. When we get that check at the end of the year we have nothing but a smile on our face! If you want to make the big bucks, raise Hereford steers!  They'll never let you down!
I hope I have given you some insight on why this breed is so great and thrives all over the world. I know my family has had incredible luck with these cattle! So next time your thinking breeds think Herefords and all of the wonderful benefits that come with these cattle!


  1. Stopping by from Crystal Cattle. You have a great blog. It's very informative!


  2. I really enjoyed reading about your Hereford cattle. My mother comes from a small dairy farm in Mitchelstown, Ireland. They have friesian cattle for milking and breed and sell on some of the calves and keep the rest to maintain herd numbers. I loved spending time there growing up. Now I live in Australia in a small town. It's a long way from farming so I enjoyed reading through your blog posts. You are very motivated and enthusiastic about your family and cattle. It is a joy to read! Keep it up!

  3. Thank-you so much :) & i'm really glad you enjoyed reading them!