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Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Busy Time for us 4-hers!

Today we had our 4-H achievement day, which was a very successful day! 4-H Achievement day is when our club brings all their projects together this includes : beef, sheep, and photography and shows them! It's a great time because we get to show off all our hard work that we have been doing all year long! This year we had less members than usual so the show was a little shorter but still we had an excellent set of animals. My club "4-H Beef and Multi Club" has been running near sixty years so we take everything we do very seriously but still manage to have tons of fun! Everybody always has a great time and we are always proud of our achievements!

Coming up this following weekend is also "4-H on Parade" another 4-H show that is held at the Stampede Grounds in Calgary. It is a much bigger show also for beef, sheep, photography and horse. This is when all different clubs come together to compete against each other. It is a fantastic time and alot of 4-H members really look forward to it. We will also be competeing in judging, marketing, showmanship, conformation and even team grooming.

For anyone interested in 4-H or just wanting to come down and watch the show I highly reccomend it! It's very interesting and great to see what kids in the neighboring communities have been working on! There will also be a steer and market lamb sale this coming Sunday to follow the show. Which is another part of 4-H on Parade that all of us look forward to, receiving that cheque at the end of all the hard work. So come down and support a 4-H member by buying one of their animals. You will not regret it for all the animals are quality fed and cared for extremely well. The best part about it is you can stock up your deep freeze for awhile with the satisfaction of knowing that it is quality beef or lamb you are eating.

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